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sum peeple thiynk i am fake but i m the reel deel. as reel as the smell in my truck two as reel as the duhbree in my man navil. reel. and free. and free and reel/ and im americen and no one cane tayk that ayway fukkers
i think squirly died so i got new videow games to pass my times it is called cabelas hunting but you cant stuff and mount the animals after you shoot them and that is called false advertizing so i am going to retern it in the morning
squirley beat the hocky and hotwired the videogame machine up to a car batery and a barbie swiming pool that he bawt at a sale another trailer was haveing the other day and made hiself a jaguzy he is smart and if i had more money withoute giveing up my beer i would send that squirl to taxidermy collige

Jan. 24th, 2009

twoday was a lot of busy this is going two bee long

twoday i bawt guns at a gunshow b2g1f

then i bawt things at a ploice awtchon like a cb radio, a horse trayler, and, a playstayshon video box that plays video game diskes on it it cayme with a free video story in side of it named NHL 2001 that means hocky squirley wants to play 2player but the bronze only seezed one joystick we take turns takeing turns or squirlye said he would chew clean through the RF adapter



twoday is winny the poos bithday and i dont no who that is but i was wundering if aneone nos ware i can find to to three dead tertles about midsized before next saterday

pee ess, jimmies back!

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